The Story of Dr. Dolittle 8: The Escape | Level 4 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

Our two Dr. Dolittle series are adapted from the classic novels by Hugh Lofting, The Story of Dr. Dolittle and The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle. Dr. Dolittle is an amazing veterinarian who can speak many different animal languages. But can Dr. Dolittle save the dying monkeys in Africa? Can he find a friend who has suddenly disappeared?


King Jolliginki was very upset. "Bring the prisoners back!" he roared loudly. His guards, servants, and even poor Queen Ermintrude were sent out into the jungle.
Dr. Dolittle and the animals could hear the guards behind them. "We'll get them!" one shouted. "They're sure to get lost in our jungle!" cried another. "Let's put them back in the dungeon!" the guards roared.
"What if they get us?" cried Dab-Dab and Gub-Gub.
Jip growled at them, "Don't worry! Chee-Chee knows the jungle better than any human!"
The doctor and the animals soon came to a crossroad.
"Which way do we go, Chee-Chee?" asked the doctor.
"This way," Chee-Chee pointed toward the dark shadows.
Gub-Gub began crying. "I don't want to go that way."
"Gub-Gub, you must learn to trust your friends," Dr. Dolittle said kindly. The pig still did not want to go.
"Stay and get caught by Jolliginki's guards! I don't care!" growled Jip.
"Jip is right. If you don't come with us, the king's guards will get you," said Dr. Dolittle.
"I'll fly beside you, Gub-Gub," promised Polynesia.
The hours passed quickly. There was no sign of the doctor or the animals.
"Where did they go?" one guard asked. None of them were shouting anymore. The king would be very angry if the prisoners weren't found.
Chee-Chee knew a hiding place. No man, not even the monkeys, knew about it.
"What's happening?" Jip asked.
"They're gone . . . for now," answered Chee-Chee.
"What is it now, Gub-Gub?" Jip tried to make his voice sound nice.
"I'm hungry," the pig replied.
"Stay here. I'll get us some food," Polynesia said and flew off.
Polynesia knew the jungle very well. She found plenty of food and drinks for them.
"What's that, Polynesia?" Gub-Gub pointed.
"This is a coconut. It's really delicious," Polynesia answered. Polynesia flew up higher and higher. Then she dropped the coconut. SPLAT!
"Drink the coconut milk," Dr. Dolittle told them. Soon it was time to leave the tree. "Come on, everyone! We must be on our way," Dr. Dolittle said.
Back at the palace, the king was not happy at all. "How could they escape? How? This is MY jungle!" the king boomed. All the guards were afraid of the furious king. "Go back to the jungle! Don't return until you've found them!" the king commanded.
Dr. Dolittle and the animals did not know the guards were still following them. "How much longer, Chee-Chee?" asked the very tired pig.
"Soon, my friend. We are almost there," Chee-Chee replied.
"At least we don't have to worry about the king's guards," Jip added. Everyone thought they were safe.
Dr. Dolittle and the animals were very tired but they didn't stop. "We must help the monkeys," Dr. Dolittle kept saying.
"But I'm so tired. I'm hungry and sleepy and . . . ," complained Gub-Gub. Suddenly, there was a noise from the trees.
"What is it, Chee-Chee?" whispered the doctor.
"I think we're being watched," Chee-Chee answered quietly.
The trees moved again. Something was coming out toward them.
"I'm scared," squeaked Gub-Gub.
"So am I, Gub-Gub," the doctor replied.

[Little Fox Introduction]

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