The Story of Dr. Dolittle 15: The Rat’s Warning | Level 4 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

Our two Dr. Dolittle series are adapted from the classic novels by Hugh Lofting, The Story of Dr. Dolittle and The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle. Dr. Dolittle is an amazing veterinarian who can speak many different animal languages. But can Dr. Dolittle save the dying monkeys in Africa? Can he find a friend who has suddenly disappeared?


It is not easy to pull a boat across the ocean. After a few hours, the birds got tired. Up ahead was a small island. "We must rest for a while," they said to the doctor. So they pulled the boat to the island.
The island was very beautiful. There were many high mountains and colorful flowers.
"What a lovely place!" Dr. Dolittle said as he admired the view.
"WOOF! ARF! ARF!" Jip started to bark loudly. Dr. Dolittle turned around to see why.
A lot of rats were coming off the boat. Jip was running around them. "Chasing rats is my favorite game," he barked.
"Stop it, Jip!" the doctor called out. The rats were afraid of the big dog.
One big black rat carefully crawled over to the doctor. He was scared that Jip might chase him.
"Excuse me, Doctor," the rat said in a soft voice.
"Dr. Dolittle! Someone wants to speak with you," a bird called out.
"Oh, hello. What’s going on?" the kind doctor asked.
The rat wiped his mouth and whiskers. "All ships have rats," he said. "And rats never stay on sinking ships," the rat kept one eye on Jip.
"Yes. JIP! Stop chasing those rats!" Dr. Dolittle shouted.
"And rats are always right," the rat wiped his mouth again.
"Oh, do hurry up! What is it you want to say?" Dab-Dab snapped.
"Your boat is sinking," the rat spoke quickly.
"How do you know?" asked the doctor.
"Rats have a special sense," the rat said, waving his tail. "Don’t get on your boat! IT WILL SINK!"
Dr. Dolittle went to look for water.
"Do you believe that rat?" asked Dab-Dab.
"Yes. Why would he lie?" the doctor replied.
"Because all rats lie," the duck said with a frown.
But Dr. Dolittle believed the rat. He and the animals would have to stay on the island now. So he went to look for food and water.
"Just look, Dab-Dab!" Dr. Dolittle pointed to a beautiful lake.
Dr. Dolittle and the animals had plenty to drink and eat.
"Look! Bananas!" Gub-Gub shoved one in his mouth.
"I love green grass," the pushmi-pullyu said happily.
"I noticed," the duck said, "that only one of you eats."
"Yes, one eats while the other talks," smiled the pushmi-pullyu.
A little later, they all lay down to rest.
"What are we going to do about the boat?" Jip asked.
"I don’t know," Dr. Dolittle replied.
"If the rats are right, then we won’t be able to continue," the dog worried.
At that moment, two birds flew toward them. "Dr. Dolittle! Dr. Dolittle!" cried one.
"What is it?" the doctor asked.
"Pirates! On the island!" gasped the other bird.
The Barbary pirates were on the island.
"Don’t worry! Come with us! We’ll help you escape," said one bird.
"But how?" asked Dr. Dolittle.
"You must take the pirates’ ship. It’s very big and fast!"
There was no one on the ship.
"Hurry! Hurry!" whispered the birds. Dr. Dolittle quickly got on the ship. The animals followed quietly. But then Gub-Gub dropped some of his bananas into the water. SPLASH!
"Stop! Stop right there!" yelled the Barbary pirates as they ran out from the trees.

[Little Fox Introduction]

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