Fun at Kids Central 33: Chocolate Tofu Pudding | Level 4 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

This original Little Fox series introduces readers to fun after-school activities such as making pizza and performing magic tricks. As the Kids Central characters cook and learn crafts and games, readers can join in and learn too. Detailed “how-to” instructions are included at the end of every story.


Jason watched the rain from the window. Kids Central was inside today. It was too wet to go outside.
"The rain is melting all the snow," Izzie said sadly.
Jason sighed. "It's not supposed to rain in December."
"Cheer up, gloomy students. It's December. It will snow again soon," Miss Shelly said. "Today we're making something that will make all your mouths smile. We're making chocolate tofu pudding!"
Jason cheered. "So there's no milk in it, right?" he asked.
Miss Shelly nodded. "Just tofu, cocoa powder, banana, and sugar."
Bobby groaned. "Tofu? Ew!"
"Have you eaten tofu before, Bobby?" Miss Shelly asked.
Bobby shook his head. "Then it will be fun to try something new," Miss Shelly said.
Jason looked at the table. "How do we make it?"
"Put on your aprons, and I'll show you," she said.
"It's going to be gross," Bobby said, making a face.
"Bobby." Miss Shelly gave him a warning look.
"It's good, okay? Just give it a try," Jason said.
"I love tofu!" Nina said.
"Jason, start us off," Miss Shelly said.
"Drain one package of tofu," Jason read. "Put it in the blender."
"What does drain the tofu mean?" Izzie asked.
"It means dump out the water," Jason answered.
"Add one ripe banana," Izzie read next.
"Add cocoa powder." Ethan put the cocoa in the blender.
"And sugar," said Nina.
"Blend until smooth," Bobby said. "Can I hit the blend button?"
The blender buzzed and hummed. It was very noisy at first, but then it got quiet.
"What do we do?" Bobby asked. "The blender's on, but it's not blending! The pudding stopped moving."
"Turn it off. Scrape the sides with this." Miss Shelly handed him a spoon. "Then blend again."
Bobby followed the instructions. When he turned the blender back on, the pudding swirled around.
"I think it's done!" Jason called.
"Turn off the blender. Each of you, take a paper cup. Pour the pudding into the cup. We have to refrigerate the pudding for about thirty minutes," Miss Shelly said.
Miss Shelly carried the tray of cups to the refrigerator. The kids played basketball in the gym. Soon it was almost time to go home. Ms. Folani, the principal, stuck her head in the door.
"These had your name on them in the refrigerator," she said.
"Our pudding!" Izzie cried.
Everyone gathered at the table and grabbed a cup. "Mmm," Jason said with a mouthful of pudding. "This is good."
"It smells funny," Bobby said. He sniffed his cup.
"Just try it," Jason said, rolling his eyes. "It tastes good."
Bobby spooned some pudding into his mouth. "Wait, this tastes like chocolate pudding!" he said.
"That's because it is chocolate pudding, dummy," Jason said.
Jason turned to Miss Shelly. "Thanks for the pudding," he said.
Miss Shelly smiled. "You're welcome, Jason."
"Thanks for making me try tofu," Bobby said. "It's not so bad."

Things You'll Need:
-1 package of tofu (about 340 grams)
-1 ripe banana
-1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
-1/2 cup sugar
-a blender
-small cups

Do It Yourself:
1) Drain the tofu.
2) Put the tofu, banana, cocoa, and sugar in the blender.
3) Blend until smooth.
4) Pour into six small cups.
5) Put in the refrigerator for at least thirty minutes.
6) Enjoy!

[Little Fox Introduction]

Little Fox is an award-winning library of leveled stories and songs. We create animated stories and songs to help kids to learn English easily as a second language (ESL). Visit our website, www.littlefox.com, to learn more about our unique curriculum and our thousands of digital resources.


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