Fun at Kids Central 32: Snowy Tug-of-War | Level 4 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

This original Little Fox series introduces readers to fun after-school activities such as making pizza and performing magic tricks. As the Kids Central characters cook and learn crafts and games, readers can join in and learn too. Detailed “how-to” instructions are included at the end of every story.


Ethan couldn't believe how cold it was outside. At recess he wore a sweater, coat, scarf, hat, and mittens. But he was still cold!
"Today's activity is outside! Bundle up," Miss Shelly said as Ethan walked in the door.
"Outside?" Ethan asked. "But it's freezing!"
"It's fun," Bobby said. "You'll get used to it."
Ethan didn't think it would be fun. But he zipped up his coat anyway.
Outside, the ground was covered in snow from the snowstorm last night. Ethan walked carefully in his brand-new boots. He wasn't used to walking in the snow. He was afraid he'd slip.
"What are we doing out here?" Ethan asked.
"There are so many ways to play in the snow!" Nina said.
"Today we're playing snowy tug-of-war," said their teacher.
"Jason and Ethan, you're a team," Miss Shelly instructed. "Bobby, Nina, and Izzie, you're a team. Together choose a team name and a team color."
Bobby groaned. "Why am I on the girls' team?"
"Are you good at tug-of-war?" Ethan asked Jason.
Jason shook his head. "I stink," he said.
"Great. Let's be the Stinkers," Ethan said.
"Ha-ha! Okay. And our team color will be green," said Jason.
"Get ready to lose to the Purple Daisies," Izzie cried.
"Prepare for the power of the Green Stinkers!" Jason shot back.
Bobby shook his head. "I can't believe I'm on a team called the Purple Daisies."
"Purple Daisies, draw your team line in the snow." Miss Shelly handed Nina a bottle filled with purple liquid.
"What's this?" Nina asked.
"Snow paint, which is food coloring mixed with water," she said.
"Where do the team lines go?" Bobby asked.
Miss Shelly held up a tape measure. "They should be two meters apart and two meters long," she said.
Ethan and Nina drew their lines in the snow.
"This is the center of the rope." Miss Shelly pointed to a flag tied to the rope. "The first team to pull the flag over their line wins. The only other rule is that no one can fall down! If anyone does, the other team wins!"
Ethan looked down at his boots. "No one can fall?" he thought, worried.
"Line up and get ready!" Miss Shelly called.
"The strongest person goes in the back," Bobby said.
"We can do it!" Ethan whispered to Jason.
Miss Shelly blew her whistle. "Go!"
Right away Ethan felt a strong tug. Ethan and Jason stumbled forward. "Oh, no you don't," Ethan grumbled.
Ethan dug his boots into the snow. He squeezed his eyes shut and pulled hard. He and Jason stepped back. They were moving the flag toward their team line! He tugged harder. But then the Purple Daisies gave a huge tug!
Ethan slipped and landed on his back in the snow.
"Purple Daisies win! Green Stinkers lose!" Izzie shouted.
Ethan laughed. Falling in the snow wasn't bad. It was fun! He stood up and yelled, "Let's play again!"

Things You'll Need:
-a long, thick rope
-a piece of cloth (to use as the flag) or a piece of colored tape
-food coloring
-empty plastic bottles

Do It Yourself:
1) Tie the cloth or tape around the center of the rope.
2) Mix the food coloring and water in a bottle to make snow paint.
3) Draw two team lines in the snow using the snow paint.
4) Start with the flag in the middle of the two team lines.
5) When someone says "Go," the two teams start pulling.
6) The first team to pull the flag over its line wins.
7) If anyone falls down, his or her team loses.
8) Play until you get so tired that you all fall down!

[Little Fox Introduction]

Little Fox is an award-winning library of leveled stories and songs. We create animated stories and songs to help kids to learn English easily as a second language (ESL). Visit our website, www.littlefox.com, to learn more about our unique curriculum and our thousands of digital resources.


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