Fun at Kids Central 23: Waxed Leaf Decorations | Level 4 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

This original Little Fox series introduces readers to fun after-school activities such as making pizza and performing magic tricks. As the Kids Central characters cook and learn crafts and games, readers can join in and learn too. Detailed “how-to” instructions are included at the end of every story.


"Ethan, wait!" Nina called. She ran to catch up with Ethan in the hallway. "Why are you wearing that winter jacket?" she asked.
"Miss Shelly said we're going outside. It's cold!" Ethan said.
"It's only October! Wait until January. Then it gets really cold. Brr." Nina shivered just thinking about it.
"Line up at the door. We're taking a walk through the woods," Miss Shelly said.
"For today's craft you'll need four autumn leaves. Carefully put them in your paper bag," Miss Shelly said.
"I want to find red ones," Izzie said. "Maple leaves are pretty."
"I want a mix. Orange, red, yellow, and brown," Nina said.
"A mix sounds good," Ethan said. "I'll do that too."
"A mix with brown? Brown is ugly," Izzie said. "I'm not using brown leaves." She ran to catch up with Miss Shelly. "Have fun with your boyfriend," she called to Nina over her shoulder.
"This leaf looks like a little fan!" Ethan said. He fanned Nina with his yellow leaf.
"Ha! It does," Nina said. "I wonder what we're doing with them."
"We're going to make window decorations," Miss Shelly said.
"First we'll seal them in wax paper. Then we'll hang them on a string," Miss Shelly said.
"Sounds easy," Jason said.
"Sounds fun!" Nina said.
"Put your leaves on one piece of wax paper. Make sure they are at least four centimeters apart. Then put another piece of wax paper on top. When you're done, line up near me. I'll iron them," Miss Shelly said.
"Perfect," Izzie said, looking at her leaves. "All red."
"Those look pretty, Izzie," Nina said.
But Izzie ignored Nina and walked over to Miss Shelly. "I'm ready for ironing," she said.
Nina was next. Miss Shelly carefully placed Nina's wax paper on the ironing board. She covered it with a rag and started to iron. "Is everything okay between you and Izzie?" she asked softly.
Nina's eyes filled with tears. She shook her head.
"What's going on?" Miss Shelly asked.
"Izzie's being really mean today. I don't know why!" Nina said.
"You and Ethan are getting along well. Maybe she feels left out," Miss Shelly suggested.
"But Izzie is my best friend!" Nina said.
"She probably needs time to get used to Ethan," Miss Shelly said. She handed Nina her leaves. "Here you go. Your leaves look great. In a few minutes, we'll cut them out."
"Cut around the edges of your waxed leaves," Miss Shelly said.
Jason and Izzie cut circles. Bobby and Ethan cut around the shape of the leaves. Nina cut squares. She was still thinking about what Miss Shelly had said. Was Izzie jealous of Ethan?
"Now punch a hole near the stems. Then thread a long piece of string through each leaf. And finally tie knots on each end of the string," Miss Shelly said.
"Can we hang them up now?" Nina asked.
"Izzie, hang yours above mine!" Nina said.
Izzie jumped up. "Your colored ones actually don't look that bad," she said, grinning. Nina smiled at her best friend. She liked making new friends. But she didn't want to lose her old ones.

Things You'll Need:
-autumn leaves
-a roll of wax paper, cut into pieces
-an iron and ironing board
-a hole puncher

Do it Yourself:
1) Collect four autumn leaves from the ground.
2) Cut two pieces of wax paper into 25x30 cm pieces.
3) Place your leaves on one piece of wax paper. Put the other piece on top.
4) Heat an iron to high. Place a rag on an ironing board.
5) Place your wax papers on top of the rag. Cover with another rag.
6) Iron until wax melts and the wax paper turns clear.
7) Allow to cool. Then cut out the leaves.
8) Punch holes near the stems of your leaves.
9) Thread a long string through the holes.
10) Hang up and enjoy!

[Little Fox Introduction]

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