Fun at Kids Central 20: A Map of Footprints | Level 4 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

This original Little Fox series introduces readers to fun after-school activities such as making pizza and performing magic tricks. As the Kids Central characters cook and learn crafts and games, readers can join in and learn too. Detailed “how-to” instructions are included at the end of every story.


Bobby was shooting hoops with Jason. He couldn't believe it was the last day of Kids Central. That meant no more school or Kids Central for an entire summer. He bet Miss Shelly had something really fun planned for them today.
Miss Shelly blew her whistle. "Take off your socks and shoes please."
A large map of the United States was on the blacktop. Next to it were big trays full of paint.
"What's the big map for?" Bobby asked.
"We are going to make a wall map to decorate the gym for next year's Kids Central. The map will show every state you've been to," Miss Shelly explained.
"Miss Shelly, why did we have to take off our socks and shoes?" Nina asked.
"Because you're going to make a path of footprints to everywhere you've been!"
"We're painting with our feet?" Jason said, excited.
"I can draw with my toes!" Izzie said.
"First you should make a list of everywhere you've been. So you'll know where to walk on the map," Miss Shelly said.
"I've been to Wisconsin," Izzie said, writing on the easel.
"I think I've been to Florida," Nina said.
"I've been to California!" Bobby said.
"Miss Shelly, how do you spell Michigan?" Jason asked.
When the kids finished making their lists, they were ready to paint.
"Decide which color you want to use. Once you step in the paint, you can't change your mind," Miss Shelly warned.
"I choose blue!" Bobby said right away.
"I choose yellow," Jason said.
"I'm green!" Izzie cried.
"Purple for me!" said Nina.
"Go ahead and get your feet blue!" Miss Shelly said to Bobby.
"All right!" Bobby jumped into the blue paint tray. The paint felt cool as it squished between his toes. "Ha-ha! This feels funny."
"Whoa, you're right," Nina said as she stepped into her tray.
Bobby walked from Pennsylvania all the way to California. He made footprints straight across the center of the country. Then he went down to Texas. His family had only stopped at the airport in Texas. But he thought that counted.
"I'm finished, Miss Shelly!" Bobby called.
"Me too," Jason said.
"Great. After you wipe your feet, grab some glitter. You're going to sprinkle it over your favorite place," Miss Shelly said.
"Our favorite place on the map?" Bobby asked.
"Yep. Your favorite place in the country," Miss Shelly said.
Bobby thought as he wiped his feet with a towel. "Hmm . . ." He whispered something in Jason's ear. Jason smiled.
Jason told Izzie, and Izzie told Nina. Then they gathered to sprinkle their glitter over the same spot.
"What's this? Everyone likes Pennsylvania best?" Miss Shelly asked.
"We like Pennsylvania because that's where Kids Central is!" Bobby said.
"And that's where you are too, Miss Shelly," Izzie added.
Miss Shelly smiled. "I'm going to miss you kids this summer!"

Things you'll need:
- a large map
- washable paint
- a tray or something else to put the paint in
- a wet towel for wiping off your feet
- glitter (optional)

Do It Yourself:
1) Pick an area of the world you've traveled around. It can be your country or your continent.
2) Find or draw a large map of this area.
3) Make a list of all the places you've been on the map.
4) Pour paint into a large tray.
5) With your bare feet, step into the paint and then step onto the map. Create a path of footprints from your hometown to all the places you've been.
6) If you like, sprinkle glitter over the place you like best.
7) Hang the map on a wall and add a new path every time you take a trip!

[Little Fox Introduction]

Little Fox is an award-winning library of leveled stories and songs. We create animated stories and songs to help kids to learn English easily as a second language (ESL). Visit our website, www.littlefox.com, to learn more about our unique curriculum and our thousands of digital resources.


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