Anne of Avonlea 10: New Love and a New Neighbor | Level 7 | By Little Fox

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[Series Introduction]

Adapted from Lucy Maud Montgomery's bestselling novels, Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and Anne of the Island, our three Anne series follow the adventures of a spirited young orphan as she grows up. Red-headed Anne has a cheerful disposition--and a knack for getting into trouble!


"Say, can you tell me a bedtime story?" Davy asked Anne, who was watching the sunset from his bedroom window. "I don't want a fairy story. They're all right for girls, I suppose, but I want something exciting . . . with lots of killing and shooting in it, and a house on fire, and interesting things like that."
Fortunately for Anne, at this moment Marilla called out from her room, "Diana is signaling you, Anne." Anne saw the light flashing from Diana's window and left Green Gables to walk to her house. When she arrived, Diana looked nervous and asked Anne to sit with her.
"Anne, I've got something to tell you, and I couldn't wait any longer. I am engaged to be married!" Diana announced excitedly. Anne looked shocked, and then smiled. Fred! Anne knew that Diana and Fred were friends, and often spent time together, but she hadn't realized they were in love.
Anne hugged Diana tightly, saying, "I'm so happy for you Diana!" Inside, Anne was happy, but she also felt a little strange─as if Diana had gone forward into a new world, shutting a gate behind her and leaving Anne on the outside. "What can she see in Fred?" Anne wondered. "He's nice and friendly, but he's just Fred Wright."
"I'm so happy," Diana said, "but it does seem ridiculous to think that I am engaged!"
"What's it really like to be engaged?" Anne asked curiously.
"Well, that depends on who you're engaged to," Diana said in a grown-up way. "It's perfectly lovely to be engaged to Fred, but it would be horrible to be engaged to anyone else."
"Well, that's not much help, considering there's only one Fred!" Anne laughed.
"Oh, Anne, you don't understand! I didn't mean that . . . It's so hard to explain. Never mind, you'll understand one day. Now Anne, I'm going to ask you a serious question. Don't be annoyed. Do you like Gilbert in any special way?"
"I like Gilbert very much as a friend and not a bit in the way you mean," said Anne calmly and firmly; she believed she was speaking sincerely.
Diana sighed. She wished, somehow, that Anne had answered differently. "Don't you ever want to get married, Anne?"
"Perhaps . . . some day . . . when I meet exactly the right person," said Anne smiling.
"But how will you know?" asked Diana.
"Oh, I will just know. He must be extremely handsome and mysterious."
"People's ideals change sometimes," Diana said.
"Mine won't," Anne said firmly.
"What if you never meet him?" Diana asked.
"Then I shall never marry!" was Anne's cheerful response. "I'll be fine!"
Diana shook her head. Just then, someone knocked on the door, and Diana and Anne got up to answer it. A well-dressed lady was at the door. "Is this where Mr. James Harrison lives?" she asked.
"No, Mr. Harrison lives over there," replied Diana astonished.
"Well, I did think this place was too tidy," the lady replied. "Is it true that Mr. Harrison is going to get married soon? A friend told me he was!"
"No, no, I'm sure he's not," said Anne. "Diana's the only person getting married here!" Diana giggled.
"I'm very glad to hear it," the lady responded, "because he is already married. I'm his wife! Yes, you look surprised! I suppose he's been pretending to be a bachelor and is breaking hearts all over Avonlea!" Anne and Diana tried not to laugh. "I suppose," she continued, "that parrot is still there?"
. . .

[Little Fox Introduction]

Little Fox is an award-winning library of leveled stories and songs. We create animated stories and songs to help kids to learn English easily as a second language (ESL). Visit our website,, to learn more about our unique curriculum and our thousands of digital resources.


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